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Self-Hypnosis for the 21st Century

Did you know you can learn to hypnotize yourself? That’s right! And the benefits of learning how to do self-hypnosis the “right way” are practically endless. I emphasize the “right way” because if you do it the wrong way you can end up reinforcing the very habits you’re trying to change.

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The most important part of the self-hypnosis process is the preparation. In this course, Self-Hypnosis for the 21st Century, I teach you how to prepare your suggestions ahead of time, the “right way,” using the same process I use with each and every client I work with by creating their Personal Change Blueprint.

Once you have your Personal Change Blueprint completed, I teach you how to put yourself into a deep hypnotic state, a state where you are receptive to the suggestions you have created. Applying this process daily is the key to permanent habit change.

This course includes a professionally recorded hypnosis recording for you to listen to as you are learning self-hypnosis. This will wire your brain to go into the state of hypnosis, and to help you create the habit of practicing self-hypnosis on a daily basis.

Other course materials include a PDF of the Personal Change Blueprint to use with each self-hypnosis session you do, a PDF of the video presentation slides, and full video of each lesson. Not included, but recommended, is the companion book Self Hypnosis for the 21st Century by Debbie Taylor.

By incorporating the practice of self-hypnosis for just 8-10 minutes each day, you can address and change unwanted habits and unhelpful thought patterns such as:

The sky is the limit regarding what you can accomplish by learning and practicing Self-Hypnosis for the 21st Century!

Click here to see a list of all available courses

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