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Reduce Generalized Anxiety with Self-hypnosis

Is your anxiety giving you anxiety? If you are bothered by a constant feeling of anxiousness or an urge to flee your environment, you may be suffering from generalized anxiety. You do not have to live with this discomfort! By learning why your subconscious mind is keeping you in a state of anxiousness you can begin the process of change with the use of self-hypnosis. You can experience relief from anxiety now!

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What’s included in this course

Your anxiety doesn’t have to be about anything specific like test taking or public speaking. Like millions of people, you may be living with the day-to-day misery of constant anxiousness, with no idea of what’s causing it. It’s all about the subconscious mind’s attempt at getting you away from something it interprets as dangerous for you. You see, your subconscious mind doesn’t always express anxiety in the right context, but you can learn how to do self-hypnosis and prevent your subconscious mind from creating anxiety in the wrong context now!

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