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What is a Mini Course?

A mini course is a topic specific course designed to enhance the practice of self-hypnosis using the Personal Change Blueprint. In my self-hypnosis courses and books, Self-Hypnosis for the 21st Century, and Mastering the Law of Attraction – Your Personal Change Blueprint, I explain that getting into the state of hypnosis is easy, but the true art and skill of practicing self-hypnosis is in the giving of suggestions.

The idea of creating mini courses came as a result of wanting to help my students and readers fill out their Personal Change Blueprints the right way and to understand, through example, how to turn their blueprint into an expertly crafted self-hypnosis session.

Each mini course is divided into two sections

  1. Instructional videos, PDFs, and audio recordings about how the brain works in regard to hypnosis, how to do self-hypnosis, and other facts that are common to every hypnosis session.
  2. Topic specific information demonstrating how to fill out the Personal Change Blueprint for that topic, and then how to turn that blueprint into a self-hypnosis session.


Each mini course includes

  • Over 30 instructional videos
  • Personal Change Blueprint for student use
  • Personal Change Blueprint filled out based on the mini course topic
  • Generic audio recording of a hypnosis session for relaxation
  • Specific audio recording based on the Personal Change Blueprint applicable to that topic


My intention in offering these mini courses is to demonstrate, through example, how to fill out the Personal Change Blueprint for any given topic, and then expertly turn that into a highly successful and effective self-hypnosis session. These courses are valuable resources for the hypnosis student studying for certification and for the lay person as well.

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