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ICBCH Certified Professional Hypnosis at Hypnosis Trainings

There are endless ways to use hypnotherapy
to help other people improve their quality of life.

What is your area of interest?

Do you want to help people give up bad habits like smoking, being overweight, or constantly procrastinating? Do you want to help students who struggle with poor study skills or test anxiety? The list of issues you can address with hypnosis is endless.

Thank you for your interest in the Advanced hypnosis certification course at This twelve-week Advanced course is open to anyone new to hypnotherapy training, as well as those already trained and certified looking for a more personal touch to the art and skill of hypnosis. Many practitioners in the healing arts such as massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, energy workers and others add value to their profession by attending this course.

Although this is an online course the class is limited to 15 people; it is important to me to have a small enough group that I can stay connected with and interact with on a regular basis.

Real-time Feedback

Students in this Advanced course get expert feedback from Debbie Taylor, professional educator and approved hypnosis instructor, thus helping to improve your technique to become the best Certified Professional Hypnotist you can be.

As you may know, I offer an Advanced hypnosis certification course and a Basic hypnosis certification self-study course. What you may not know is that the curriculum for both courses is identical.

So, why would anyone take the Advanced course, for a considerably higher tuition when the curriculum is the same? Good question. Let me outline the differences between the two courses and why taking the Advanced course is a better option for almost everyone.

Advanced Hypnosis Certification

The Advanced hypnosis certification course takes place over a 12-week period. During this 12-week intensive students are brought together in an incredibly supportive environment in our weekly Zoom meetings. This live portion of the training is one of the most valuable aspects of this course. Knowing that assignments are due on a weekly basis, weekly quizzes must be passed, and attendance at weekly Zoom meetings is required results in accountability. Accountability is the driving force behind your success in the Advanced course.

This Advanced course is my premier course. Students enrolling in this Advanced course receive the following.

  • Lifetime access to all training materials
  • Lifetime access to recorded Zoom meetings pertaining to their given course
  • Lifetime access to the private student portal
  • Weekly Zoom meetings held for the duration of the course where students receive direct real-time instruction, watch demonstrations, practice with other students, ask questions, and receive feedback on their progress.
  • Unlimited access to the instructor via email
  • Opportunity to interact and practice with other students
  • One year membership to ICBCH

This 100 hour+ course is taught as a hybrid course meaning that all materials, videos, audios, and PDFs are available online in combination with live instruction which is delivered in weekly Zoom meetings.

Students are responsible for the following:

  • Attending a minimum of 11 out of 12 Zoom meetings
  • Passing weekly quizzes. Quizzes can be taken multiple times if necessary.
  • Submitting weekly assignments via email
  • Posting select assignments in the private student portal weekly
  • Submitting weekly practice verification forms

By registering for the Advanced level of this hypnosis certification course you are guaranteed completion at the end of 12 weeks. Assuming you have demonstrated proficiency in the art and skill of hypnosis during the course, at the end of the course you will be awarded an ICBCH Professional Certified Hypnotist certificate.

The following table illustrates the differences between the Advanced course and the Basic course.

Compare and Contrast

Which Course is best for you?

Advanced Professional Hypnosis Certification Basic Hypnosis Certification
Lifetime access to all training materials X
Lifetime access to private student portal X
12-month membership to ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotists X Available for purchase
Required: Weekly live Zoom meetings with Debbie Taylor and other students X
Required: Demonstrate proficiency in working with clients X X
Required: Passing weekly quizzes X
Required: Submit weekly assignments X
Final Exam and 2-hour meeting with Debbie Taylor X

This online platform allows you to become fully trained as a Certified Professional Hypnotist without leaving your home. Video tutorials are released on a weekly basis allowing you to study at a time convenient for you.

Weekly Zoom meetings provide students the opportunity to ask questions, meet and practice with other students, and contribute to the community of ICBCH professional hypnotists. Zoom meetings are recorded and are included in the weekly tutorials for review.

Imagine the potential for your professional growth by becoming certified as a hypnotist.

The question is, are you ready to take action today?

I have made it easy for you to register. You have a choice to pay all at once, in 3 easy payments, or 6 easy payments. Click below to get started today!

An offer for Alumni

All previous graduates from the Portland School of Hypnosis and Hypnosis Trainings (Advanced course students only) are eligible to re-take the Advanced course at a substantially discounted price.

You may wonder why on Earth you would want to take this class again when you already have lifetime access to all the training materials? Consider this: Even though you already have lifetime access to the training materials, by taking the course again you would be part of the weekly live Zoom training, you would benefit by additional live practice, and would be interacting with a new population of students in the private student portal.

Reignite your Passion

Participating in the class with new students will reignite your passion for hypnosis and give you the opportunity to be mentored in our weekly live Zoom classes. You would also be a big help to the new students.

A while back I took a class called Twelve-Week Book from Richard Nongard. He offered a huge discount to previous students for taking the class again, even though none of the curriculum changed. I signed up and took it a second time. I honestly think I got more value out of the second go ‘round than I did the first one! My learning curve wasn’t quite as steep, I was more engaged during the Zoom meetings, it was easier to keep up, I was more accountable to myself, and actually finished writing my book! Believe it or not, I’m taking that same class yet again! It really helps me stay motivated and on task!

Please note: Students earning the Basic Hypnosis Certification are NOT eligible for this option.

I encourage all Alumni to revisit, review, and retake this course at least once. You can register here:

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