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Thank you for your interest in earning your hypnosis certification at Teaching and hypnosis are my two passions in life. Being able to combine those two passions by offering hypnosis certification courses is one of my favorite things to do.

As an ICBCH approved instructor, I have put together a 12-week hybrid hypnosis Advanced Hypnosis Certification course. Students successfully completing this course are awarded an ICBCH Professional Hypnotist Certification.

I also offer a Basic Hypnosis Certification course. The Basic Course is offered as a one-year subscription plan. That means you have access to the entire curriculum for one full year. The subscription price of $195 will renew one year after the initial date of registration giving you access to the course for another year, unless it has been cancelled. Students can complete the course or upgrade to the Advanced Course at any time.

The curriculum in these two courses is identical. However, the self-study course is just that, self-study. There is no opportunity for student interaction, no requirements regarding turning in homework, taking quizzes or attending weekly live Zoom meetings with other students, and no feedback on your progress from me, the instructor.

See the table below to compare the Advanced course, which is 100+ hours, with the Basic course, which is 40+ hours. One of them will be just right for you!

Compare and Contrast

Which Course is best for you?

Advanced Professional Hypnosis Certification Basic Hypnosis Certification
Lifetime access to all training materials X
Lifetime access to private student portal X
12-month membership to ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotists X Available for purchase
Required: Weekly live Zoom meetings with Debbie Taylor and other students X
Required: Demonstrate proficiency in working with clients X X
Required: Passing weekly quizzes X
Required: Submit weekly assignments X
Final Exam and 2-hour meeting with Debbie Taylor X

For more information about the Advanced certification course, please click here.

For more information about the Basic course, please click here.

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