Future Home of Hypnosis Trainings

Welcome to the future home of Hypnosis Trainings (formerly the Portland School of Hypnosis). Hypnosis Trainings offers online hypnosis trainings leading to a professional certification, or for personal use.

This website is still being built, however, I am moving forward with the first all online certification course, which will start April 30, 2021. This is the same course I have taught in-person for almost 10 years only this version will be all online. The course will consist of pre-recorded sessions as well as live Zoom sessions. This first course is being offered at a huge discount. The in-person version of this course was $3,995. The all online version will be $1,995. This first round is being offered for $999. In exchange for the huge discount I will be asking for feedback for the purpose of improving the quality and usability of the online format. If you are interested in becoming a certified hypnotist AND you want to save big $$$ please go to Portland School of Hypnosis to learn more.

Debbie Taylor
NGH and ICBCH approved hypnosis instructor