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Do you have a desire to help other people live their best lives?

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There are endless ways to use hypnotherapy to help other people improve their quality of life. What is your area of interest? Do you want to help people give up bad habits like smoking, or create new healthy habits like eating healthy foods every day? Do you want to help students struggling with study skills and test anxiety? The list of issues you can address with hypnosis is endless.

The question is, are you ready to take action today? Click here to learn more about the hypnosis courses available to you with Debbie Taylor at

Hypnosis Trainings was founded to provide hypnosis training and certification with a real-world emphasis.


Hypnosis is natural state we all experience several times each day. It is an altered state of consciousness where we have clear communication between the conscious and subconscious part of our mind. I often define hypnosis as a deep state of relaxation, similar to mediation or daydreaming, only with a targeted focus.

As a subject is led into the hypnotic state by a professionally certified hypnotist, they become highly receptive to the suggestions offered by their hypnotist. Guiding a subject into the state of hypnosis is easy. Knowing what to say to the subject once they are in the state of hypnosis is where the art and skill of the hypnotist really shines.

Become a Fully Certified Professional Hypnotist

Upon completion of this ICBCH certification course students are fully trained and qualified to work with clients.

Learn from a Professional Educator

Debbie brings her 30+ years as a professional educator into this online platform delivering a top-of-the-line learning experience for her students.

Lifetime Access

Your tuition includes lifetime access to all training materials including all updated video tutorials, audio recordings, PDFs, and your first-year membership as an ICBCH Certified Hypnotist.

Meet Your instructor Debbie Taylor, MA, CHt, CI

Debbie Taylor is passionate about teaching others how their subconscious mind works for them and/or against them. Debbie’s ability to explain why people do the things they do and what they can do to make long lasting change has helped countless clients break the bonds of past programming and enter a world where life is lived by design rather than default.

At Hypnosis Trainings, Debbie brings her passion for working with clients into the classroom where she teaches and certifies her students through the ICBCH, International  Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, to become fully trained professional hypnotists so they can help their clients live their best lives.


Becoming an ICHCH Certified Hypnotist means you have been trained with the skills and guidance necessary to be a successful, proficient, and confident hypnotist. Becoming a professionally trained hypnotist at Hypnosis Trainings will prepare you to open your own business as a hypnotist and start seeing clients upon graduation.

Students at Hypnosis Trainings become very well versed in the use of Debbie’s signature process, the Personal Change Blueprint, allowing them to work confidently with all clients on just about all subjects without the reliance on hypnotic scripts. As a graduate of Hypnosis Trainings, students are trained to do the following:

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